Saturday, 24 April 2010

Eighties Slowjam Competition Mix

The great thing about producing mixes is that you get to choose what gets included in the mix. I have fond memories of listening to a set and doing a track listing as each song was mixed in, however some of the songs escaped me and I made a mental note that I would find out what the missing song was. That was the great thing about year end mixes, some of the songs where personal faves of the DJ and where stuck in to put a spanner in the works. Duncan Smith was a master of sticking album tracks into his mix which left you infuriated because you wanted to know what the missing track was, and generally speaking it became one of your favourites, maybe just because you didn't know who it was. Well I have done a mix which I HOPE you will all become involved with. Because we want your input as to who sings the track and furthermore what the name of the track is. MORE TO THE POINT, I hope you enjoy the songs and the mix and encourage you to drop us a line to what you think the songs are. Join us on facebook and we can disclose the tracklisting for the entire mix.

Here is the link and mp3 for you to listen to and download.

As always enjoy what we have posted and leave us your comments, after all we always look forward to your feedback.

Steve King


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Classic Eighties Slow Jam Mix (Part Three)


1. Tashan - Love Of My Life

2. By All Means - I'd Rather Be Lonely

3. Luther Vandross - Can't Be Doing That Now

4. Dorian Harewood - Another Face

5. Rene & Angela - No Way (12' Version)

6. Freddie Jackson - Tasty Love

7. Dee Dee Wilde - Hold Me

8. Gerald Alston - I've Waited All Night

9. LeVert - Smilin'

10. Mike Davis - All Alone

11. Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me (Goodbye Remix Main)

12. Gerald Levert - Everyday