Friday, 20 September 2013

Charmaine – Dimensions of Love

Charmaine – Dimensions of Love Released July 2013


  1. Charmaine – Dimensions of Love
    Her full name is Charmaine Amee and that is pretty much all we know. What I can tell you is she has a superb album out called Dimensions of Love
    which is on constant repeat in our house. This album is just fantastic and a ..............must have if you like smooth soul with angelic vocals.
    Kinda reminds me of the early arrival of Chante Moore. The songs are solid, the production is wonderful and I can only say that on the strength of this debut
    album. This lady is gonna be a name on the tip of everyones tounge. This album kicks off the way it means to go on, "Feels Good" is a real foundation
    for what promises to be promising artist in the making. Hopefully this album will get the right amount of attention so she doesn't just dissappear like som many talented artist
    who have released a class album that got missed and therefore they go into excile.
    The track "My Way" continues on the same path with solid vocals, great harmonies, real instruments and a track that oozes classs!!!!
    Lovely ballad with "In Love", her first release looking at her reverbnation page. The album is awesome from start to finish. I just love it and I am sure
    you will too. So if you like me are always looking for great music a million miles away from the constant predictable drivel that we are force feed from the
    media... Then do yourself a favour and press the link and see what you are missing.

    As always support and we will be along very shortly with some more awesome music to discover. SK

  2. Hello steve, thank you for writing about charmaine. There's not a lot about her online. Her CD is incredible! I bought it at one of her summer series concerts in july. I love , 'Meanwhile.' I appreciate the sound of rock and soul she has. It's a different sound from the usual and I hope she gets recognized for her efforts.