Tuesday, 2 July 2013

david josias – In My Life

david josias – In My Life

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  1. Where do I start with this CD, In a nutshell the guy is a genious delivering sweet modern soul with vocals similar to Kenny Lattimore. The opening track is the title cut which leaves you wanting to hear more on the fact that its too good to be true. The first track is "in My Life" , second track is the same track however just named "In My Life Forever". Strange concept which I don't really get to be honest. Anyway moving on "Make It Phatt" delivers and continues to impress. "Second Time Around", is a good track however nowhere near as strong as the first two. The other killer cut for me is "Mind Blowin' (Phatt Remix. Apparently he brought out two CDs in 2005 "Ghetto Love" and "In My Life" then your guess is as good as mine.

    Whatever happen to David Josias is a complete mystery because this chap had class and I would seriously say a great future in modern R&B. Shameful that this guy didn't get the exposure. Keep it Soulful Ladies And Gentlemen. Keep supporting the artist. SK